Bali is the best place for surfing
Why Bali should be your next travel destination

Somewhere at the Eastern coast of the Indian Ocean, in the middle of Indonesia’s beautiful archipelago, lies a paradise island of Bali. The island will blow your mind away with the mixture of world’s best surfing spots, amazing nature and the mystical culture of believing in spirits.

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free things to do in helsinki
7 free things to do in Helsinki

It’s not a secret that Finland is quite expensive. In fact, for those who hasn’t experienced it yet here’s a spoiler: a kilo of fresh berries gathered in the local forest would cost you around 25 euro on a market and a bottle of beer in a bar – mind blowing 9 euros. Ironically, a […]

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Things to do in Paris
5 things to do in Paris to feel like a local

First steps in a place you’ve never been to can be quite tricky. And as Paris is one of the most advertised places to visit around the world, we have far too many expectations formed about it. When you’re a foreigner you look for everything that would match your expectations and it’s frustrating not to […]

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things to know before traveling to thailand
8 main things to know before you travel to Thailand

Sometimes, in major tourist places, temples, airports there are drinking water taps – these are set up by the government and are safe to use. So it’s a good idea to have a reusable bottle with you.At the first glance Bangkok is a city of indescribable chaos – one shouldn’t be surprised seeing a street […]

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