Bavarian winter fairytale
Schloss Neuschwanstein – Bavarian fairytale

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there was a King who was not as any King you would imagine. He would withdraw himself from most state affairs, remaining in power, and focus his energy on completing extravagant and artistic architectural projects. His name was Ludwig the II, the King of Bavaria.

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Winter in Jurmala
Winter beauty in Jurmala

I was lucky enough to experience the proper Latvian winter with strong frost and snow this year. Most of the time when I’m around it’s barely over the freezing temperature and views are not as great as I was managed to capture this time.

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Christmas markets in Munich
Exploring Christmas markets in Munich

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and Christmas markets in Munich are good places to be during this time. With a cup of hot wine in your hands and a good company you can almost feel Christmas approaching. By almost I mean, of course, the lack of the most important ingredient […]

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Phang Nga Bay
Cliffs, beaches and James Bond – Phang Nga Bay

Nobody should leave Phuket without seeing Phang Nga Bay. With cliffs towering right from the water it’s one of Thailand’s most iconic places. The size of it is impressive as well – the national park area of the bay is vast and consists of at least 40 small islands among which you can sail for […]

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Safari world zoo
Safari world – the best zoo in the world

Recently I visited Safari World and it can only be described as the best animal park I’ve ever been in. Among awesome things you can do there are feeding and holding a baby tiger, poking a big and grown up tiger, taking a photo with orangutan rappers, getting a massage from an elephant, feeding giraffes […]

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Universal Studios Singapore
Back to childhood at Universal Studios Singapore

A child needs entertainment more than he needs food or good sleep. And if he gets it with no supervision that becomes the dream. We fulfilled this one by jumping back into childhood shoes and paying a visit to Universal Studios Singapore – a home to Shrek, Madagascar creatures, the Mummy and other famous characters.

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