Sunset in Phuket
Things to do in Phuket when you have a car

This time we decided to do something spontaneous and adventurous. We looked up in the internet different things to do in Phuket and decided to drive around in a car and hit as many spots as possible. It would also let us experience the culture much better. So we went for it and it was […]

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Safari world zoo
Safari world – the best zoo in the world

Recently I visited Safari World and it can only be described as the best animal park I’ve ever been in. Among awesome things you can do there are feeding and holding a baby tiger, poking a big and grown up tiger, taking a photo with orangutan rappers, getting a massage from an elephant, feeding giraffes […]

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Flag of Thailand
Bangkok – one day in the city of angels

Bangkok. To my opinion the city was rather precisely presented in the Hangover movie. It’s big, it’s crazy and it has its own character which is not so easy to handle. You can’t be too careful here, as there is just too much happening, too many distractions and too many people exploiting this. Don’t get […]

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Universal Studios Singapore
Back to childhood at Universal Studios Singapore

A child needs entertainment more than he needs food or good sleep. And if he gets it with no supervision that becomes the dream. We fulfilled this one by jumping back into childhood shoes and paying a visit to Universal Studios Singapore – a home to Shrek, Madagascar creatures, the Mummy and other famous characters.

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Man feeding an elephant
Riding elephants at Borobudur

Did you know how fun elephants are? Much more than I could imagine in a circus or in a zoo. You don’t see much activity from them there, eating being by far the only one they enjoy. This part remains largely unchanged, as elephants eat A LOT – as I was told it is around […]

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Watching the Borobudur sunset
Unforgettable sunrise and sunset at Borobudur

Only 50-minute flight away from the capital of Indonesia, in the very center of the island of Java, you will find the biggest Buddhist temple in the world – Borobudur. This place of worship was built in the distant 9th century and is currently listed among UNESCO heritage sites, though I would promote it to […]

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