New York vibe
How to feel the New York vibe

It’s easy to fall into the tourist trap and find yourself jumping from one popular place to another. Especially along with 50 million other people coming to New York City every year (crazy, right?). Avoid tourists What I propose instead is to stay away from tourists to get your own feel of the city. Without […]

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Volcano climb
Climbing volcano at night – Part 2

It was the second day of our adventure to the top of the mount Rinjani volcano in Indonesia. Read the first part of the journey here. Day 2 (Summit day): 3.5km climb, 7.5km descent My alarm rang at 2am that night. At 2:05, while I was still trying to figure out where am I with […]

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Mount Rinjani
Climbing mount Rinjani – part 1

Next to the paradise island of Bali in Indonesia’s archipelago lies a smaller island called Lombok. It’s a tiny island and apart from white sand beaches and marvelous sunsets it has a massive volcano located on the Eastern Side, called mount Rinjani. Not something you would expect around the corner when you exit the beach. […]

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Bavarian winter fairytale
Schloss Neuschwanstein – Bavarian fairytale

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there was a King who was not as any King you would imagine. He would withdraw himself from most state affairs, remaining in power, and focus his energy on completing extravagant and artistic architectural projects. His name was Ludwig the II, the King of Bavaria.

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Bali is the best place for surfing
Why Bali should be your next travel destination

Somewhere at the Eastern coast of the Indian Ocean, in the middle of Indonesia’s beautiful archipelago, lies a paradise island of Bali. The island will blow your mind away with the mixture of world’s best surfing spots, amazing nature and the mystical culture of believing in spirits.

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free things to do in helsinki
7 free things to do in Helsinki

It’s not a secret that Finland is quite expensive. In fact, for those who hasn’t experienced it yet here’s a spoiler: a kilo of fresh berries gathered in the local forest would cost you around 25 euro on a market and a bottle of beer in a bar – mind blowing 9 euros. Ironically, a […]

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Winter in Jurmala
Winter beauty in Jurmala

I was lucky enough to experience the proper Latvian winter with strong frost and snow this year. Most of the time when I’m around it’s barely over the freezing temperature and views are not as great as I was managed to capture this time.

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Christmas markets in Munich
Exploring Christmas markets in Munich

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us and Christmas markets in Munich are good places to be during this time. With a cup of hot wine in your hands and a good company you can almost feel Christmas approaching. By almost I mean, of course, the lack of the most important ingredient […]

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