things to know before traveling to thailand
8 main things to know before you travel to Thailand

Sometimes, in major tourist places, temples, airports there are drinking water taps – these are set up by the government and are safe to use. So it’s a good idea to have a reusable bottle with you.At the first glance Bangkok is a city of indescribable chaos – one shouldn’t be surprised seeing a street […]

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Phang Nga Bay
Cliffs, beaches and James Bond – Phang Nga Bay

Nobody should leave Phuket without seeing Phang Nga Bay. With cliffs towering right from the water it’s one of Thailand’s most iconic places. The size of it is impressive as well – the national park area of the bay is vast and consists of at least 40 small islands among which you can sail for […]

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View from the hotel
Exploring Phuket island and Patong by car

It was the second day of our road trip around Phuket island. The sound of old and loud fishing boats woke us up quite early. However, as soon as we stepped out to the balcony we were glad it did so. Our room was located on the top of the hill with a spectacular view […]

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Sunset in Phuket
Things to do in Phuket when you have a car

This time we decided to do something spontaneous and adventurous. We looked up in the internet different things to do in Phuket and decided to drive around in a car and hit as many spots as possible. It would also let us experience the culture much better. So we went for it and it was […]

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Safari world zoo
Safari world – the best zoo in the world

Recently I visited Safari World and it can only be described as the best animal park I’ve ever been in. Among awesome things you can do there are feeding and holding a baby tiger, poking a big and grown up tiger, taking a photo with orangutan rappers, getting a massage from an elephant, feeding giraffes […]

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Flag of Thailand
Bangkok – one day in the city of angels

Bangkok. To my opinion the city was rather precisely presented in the Hangover movie. It’s big, it’s crazy and it has its own character which is not so easy to handle. You can’t be too careful here, as there is just too much happening, too many distractions and too many people exploiting this. Don’t get […]

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