Safari world – the best zoo in the world

Safari world zoo

Recently I visited Safari World and it can only be described as the best animal park I’ve ever been in. Among awesome things you can do there are feeding and holding a baby tiger, poking a big and grown up tiger, taking a photo with orangutan rappers, getting a massage from an elephant, feeding giraffes and many more.

Safari World park is conveniently located approximately one hour drive away from the center of Bangkok. Conveniently, because this gives a good chance to have some sleep and compensate the previous night out. As soon as you enter the park, though, there is no time for sleeping – everything about it puts a smile on your face and makes you enjoy the day. It can best be described as a zoo and a theme park combined together. For me, as a fan of both, this was experience not to be missed.

Animal shows

The most spectacular part of the day is, without a doubt, animal shows where animals are doing all sorts of cool things. They begin in the morning and run every half an hour. The schedule is tight and every show lasts around 20 minutes. So after the first you have just enough time to get to the second one. Even though there are several shows that run in parallel, on average there are at least 200-300 people watching each of them. During lunch time (the all-you-can-eat buffet is included in the ticket price!!) you can see how popular the Safari World really is.

The program starts with the orangutan boxing show. I don’t speak much Thai, but as I understood, there are two fighters who compete for a kiss from a lovely model named Natasha.

Natasha the monkey
Natasha cheers the crowd during the boxing show at Safari World
Monkey boxing in safari world
Monkeys were trained to imitate the boxing moves and with all the cheering it looked pretty convincing
Natasha kisses one of the boxers
Natasha kisses one of the boxers

Following this love story the party begins on another stage where very positive and funny sea lions are dancing and fooling around.

Sea lions doing tricks
Sea lions doing their tricks
Another love story at Safari World
Another love story at Safari World

The party never stops, as next in line are elephants who also have some talent and creativity to present.

Elephant show at Safari World
Elephant show at Safari World
Elephant doing stunts
That’s impressive how these giant animals can train to walk very thin ropes
Elephant in safari world
If you’re not afraid, you can pat the elephant after the show

And finally, the active part of the day closes with a dolphin show, who are just the nicest animals I’ve seen.

Flying dolphins
Flying dolphins

After shows are over and you are stuffed with food from the canteen, there is finally time to pay a visit to the animals. While you do so, there are many opportunities for photo taking and feeding animals.

Animals in Safari World Bangkok

Speaking of tigers, I’ve seen them only from quite some distance and mostly sleeping during “visiting hours”. Here they are much closer to you and you can poke one if he is too lazy to turn and give you a smile (that’s what I did). A small underground tunnel will get you into a transparent room inside the tiger’s cage which he casually passes by and scratches his back against sometimes.

Kristine is filming a close up of the tiger
Kristine is filming a close up of the tiger

Birds are a whole different story. There is a replicated forest created for several species and you can walk inside it through a special tunnel. Safety precautions are very much in place, so it’s quite funny that parrots are left in the middle of Safari World park with no supervision or restrictions at all.

Parrots in Safari World
Parrots have amazing freedom here. If really wanted to, I guess they can fly away

Giraffes, actually, deserve a separate blog post. Just imagine, there are 250 of them here and all of them want that one tiny banana you feed them. It is absolutely amazing and they have such a silly long tongue!

Feeding a giraffe
I have never seen a giraffe so close. They are so cute
Giraffe feeding
Every giraffe want that banana you are holding. They even let you pat them (as long as you feed them)
Hungry giraffe
Hungry giraffe
Giraffe licks the wall
After eating the banana giraffes still lick the wall for some time. Probably to make you feed them more
250 giraffes in one place
There are 250 giraffes in one place. And everyone want your bananas

After feeding giraffes for quite a while I ended my day with an hour long safari around the area where animals are in their natural environment.

The day was absolutely great, nothing to add here. Come to Safari World, ff you are in Bangkok and have enough free time. I’ve enjoyed it to the fullest.

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