Peaking for marathon

Peaking for marathon

It’s been a while since my last post here. Somehow I got distracted 3 weekends in a row and couldn’t sit down and scribble even a single update.

Overall ,last 3 weeks have been different from my previous training schedule. As I’m now approaching last month of preparation I need to focus more on total distance and going further.

I’ve increased my mileage over the last 3 weeks quite significantly to push my body to the comfort zone limits. Last 2 weeks I did close to 70km/week which is almost 2x more than usual for me. With 4 running sessions per week this should total to roughly 3 sessions of 10-12km and one longer run.

I still keep 2 speed workouts per week (steady run and interval/hill run) and must say that I can see real benefits from those. I can keep lower heart rate on the easy workout the day after a speed workout (fatigue level plays a role here as well, of course), whereas over time I see also my cruising speed gradually increasing.

What I did notice as well during these weeks was that when it’s hot and humid outside (over +25) I consistently loose speed after 5km mark on a steady run. I guess it has something to do with special nutrition and hydration in such weather. I’m still learning how to better prepare yourself for a run in such conditions, but I definitely enjoy it more when it’s around +15.

Longer run for me this week was 30km – the longest one I’ve run so far. Surprisingly, I’ve felt quite fresh and could go relatively fast (for a long easy run), despite having so many miles over the last weeks. I also took water and one gel with me to try out how it will go and put it all in the bushes, as I didn’t want to carry around 1L bottle with me.

What I didn’t mention was that the day before the long run I felt a strong sudden pain in lower back for a short while and then relatively strong continuous pain when I was bending forward. That’s the indication that my legs are quite stiff and fatigued and need some proper rest. For now I’ve put kinesio tape on my lower back to support muscles and did a proper stretch after the run, but this is definitely a signal that I need to both recover my legs and strengthen my core muscles more.

Before I did a 30km run I though how tired I felt after doing 21km in training and that there is a small chance I can keep the pace for 21 more kilometers. However, after this week I start to get my confidence back. In fact, I still have 1 month of solid training to go and then 2 tapering weeks during which I plan to fully recover and overcompensate. The trick is now to carefully plan the remaining month in order not to get injured and still improve my speed even more.

I find this blog very helpful in keeping myself focused on the goal and analyzing the process. These weekly posts help me to put things into perspective and understand what am I missing and what the bigger picture is. Sometimes it comes down to just pushing yourself to go out and run, but sometimes, after seeing how I did in the previous weeks, I can conclude that I should cross train a bit more to relieve leg stiffness and, probably, need some sauna and recovery for my body overall.

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