Rooftops, tuk tuks and dark alleys – one night in Bangkok

One night in Bangkok

If there was an Amsterdam in Asia, there is no doubt it would be Bangkok. It looks like there are no restrictions on “having fun” here. The nickname “Sin City” itself suggests that there are many opportunities to do so. Looking up “night in Bangkok” in the Internet leaves you with a question “are there any rules?”

The sun was still quite high, but we couldn’t stop listening to “one night in Bangkok” covered by Mike Tyson. We had some ground to cover until the first place from where to watch the sunset, so we had to hurry. As you can see, the side of the building had limited our view of the sunset.

Early afternoon in Bangkok
Night in Bangkok starts with a cool view from our window
Sunset in Bangkok
The sun has started to set as we were preparing to go out


Our first stop was a rooftop bar on the 59th floor of a posh hotel. The best thing – it is an open-air bar and, as we mistakenly thought, it’s the highest in the world. It turned out later that the one which is the highest is actually located several kilometers south and is only 5 floors higher. Still, the views are amazing and drinking a cocktail while watching a sunset should be wonderful.

The only problem with the plan was the rainy season. By the time we got to the place the sky was covered in clouds and the bar was closing due to upcoming rain.

Roof top bar in Bangkok
First stop – rooftop bar in the center of Bangkok
Banyan tree Bangkok
If you want to spend a night in Bangkok – I strongly suggest you start with the Banyan Tree rooftop bar. It’s an amazing place and lets you experience the massiveness of the city

The funny part here is that you need to follow the dress code. I wasn’t with my flip flops and short. Fortunately, reception was ready for such occasion and I was saved. I got oversize pants and, what appeared to be children’s, shoes.

We managed to catch a glimpse of the view before our experience was cut short by the massive rain.

Bangkok from above
The view on the Lumpini park from above
Bangkok skyline
I thought to myself how small I am as I was looking at all the skyscrapers around me

Tuk tuks

Thirty minutes later we were sitting in a taxi, rushing through the traffic jam to another place to continue our evening. Unfortunately, it turned out that Bangkok’s taxi drivers are super picky when choosing their clients, as at least 5 drivers rejected taking us for a 3km long ride, which would have been easy money for them.

The taxi got us to a nice bar in the center, relatively close to our hotel. Technically it’s walking distance, 2 straight roads and that’s it. Nevertheless, after spending some time there we decided not to walk, but rather experience one of the main Bangkok’s tourist attractions – tuk tuk taxi.

After 100 meters the traffic jam has consumed us. It didn’t stop us for long though. The driver just casually drove into the opposite lane and went against the flow for another 300 meters. Crossing all lanes and rules he turned into a quiet street where our journey continued through food carts, mini markets and narrow pathways.

Tuk tuk through the streets of Bangkok
Our tuk tuk driver took us through the small alleys. from how it looked like, they were not designed for traffic
Dark alleys in Bangkok
Couple of minutes later we were in a very narrow street with no people at all

Finally, appearing out of courtyards and crossing another traffic jam we reached our hotel where our evening continued. I think you can’t really learn to drive like this, as you need to be born in one of these things and get a special bond to stay calm in this madness.

Traffic jams in Bangkok
We appeared out of nowhere and joined the traffic jam sideways. Usual practice here, I guess

More bars

Our hotel bar may not be located as high up as the one we were in at first, but the view was still delightful and for a quiet ending of the night in Bangkok it was perfect.

The view from our hotel bar
The view from our hotel bar
Bangkok doesn't sleep
It seemed that Bangkok doesn’t sleep. It was quite late, but there was action anywhere you look

When we got back to our room we spotted yet another rooftop bar, right in front of our window. It seemed that 20th floor had a serious party still going on.

Rooftop bar in Bangkok
There was a rooftop bar in the building right opposite us

The night was fun, but we are definitely coming back for more action. Bangkok, without a doubt, is a place to be in this sense.

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