Nightlife in Ljubljana

Nightlife in Ljubljana

Eastern Europe is a great place to party. Which is why we couldn’t stop in Ljubljana after 5 hours in a minivan and just go to sleep. It was the first day of the road trip we took to Croatian coast to catch some sun and we felt we’ve already deserved some rest.

I was quite excited to see what nightlife in Ljubljana’ has to offer. I also did not take a camera with me, so here’s a picture of a fancy bar from the next day.

We were driving throughout the whole evening and arrived quite late to the airbnb we were staying in for the night. It turned out to be quite from the city center, so while we waited for our taxis to pick us up we researched foursquare for the best party places in Ljubljana.

Our 5-minute research showed that there is basically one street where most of the bars are located, so we asked our drivers to take us there – we had to take 2 taxis to fit in.

Our primary target was the rooftop bar that had the best rating in the city. After arriving and going through a short face control we took the elevator to the grand 6 or 9 floor and entered what appeared to be an almost empty bar with 3 dance floors. Yes, even though we arrived shortly before midnight, the place was almost empty (just 2 small groups of what appeared to be youngsters).

When we came to the bar it became obvious that we are at the right place – all drinks were almost 3 times cheaper than in Central Europe. From there on we didn’t care about how many people there are in the bar, or what they were doing. The music was good and it was enough for us.

After a couple of hours and several drinks later the adventure spirit kicked in and we decided to switch the bar. Even though there were significantly more people there than when we came, we still felt the urge to discover what else we can find.

So we went out and heard loud noises and music which were both signs of a good party. What we stumbled upon was basically a small bar on the street which was jam-packed with people. It was so full that many people took their drinks outside and continued to dance there. This was probably what we should have done, but as we were influenced by cheap drinks we did exactly the opposite.

We went in the bar and noticed that in such small place there is a wardrobe and a person whom you can hand in your coat. It didn’t matter that all people were wearing their coats and didn’t care about it, it was something new and we had to try it. The whole waiting and handing in part took around 20 minutes and just after taking a drink we thought that maybe it was not the wisest of choices. Mainly because there was no space to move around, dance or even talk, so we went outside and got locked out with our coats inside.

To be honest, it only sounds that bad. In reality, the atmosphere was great and everyone appeared to be having a good time. Besides, of course, a couple of people who were not feeling well, so to say, and a couple of other who later started something resembling a fight. We stayed for some time and had a great time before deciding to move.

It did take us some time to pick up our coats before we went further, but it was a good learning experience – when there is a cloakroom in a bar and everyone is wearing coats, don’t hand over yours as well just for fun.

For another hour or so we wandered around the street looking for more places to hang out. We found Irish pub which was too small and too quiet for an Irish pub, an couple of lonely smaller cafes and an almost abandoned cart that sold hot dogs and burgers (respect to that – it was 4 a.m.). There is a slight chance we went the wrong way and missed all the active places, but it still counts.

All in all, partying in Eastern Europe is always unpredictable. You never know what you’ll stumble upon and that’s the beauty of it. It’s always cheap and fun, though, that you can rely on.

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