Rest and recovery during marathon training

Going further on the beach is more fun

One more week of solid training is done and what a week it was. It’s good to be back into intense training regime and be outside even more often. Also, it’s good to be running on the sand for a change – that made it easier on the joints.

I’ve logged almost 13 hours of training this week which I haven’t done for a while. I managed to go to the gym twice, do 3 morning swimming sessions and also went kayaking after a longer break. It all definitely contributed to the overall time and fatigue level.

My training is still heavily in the aerobic zone with a very small fraction of anaerobic intervals. For me it’s more important to have a solid aerobic base on which you can build speed and endurance and also muscles that can withstand hours of activity. In such long races as marathon you only spend around 10% in the anaerobic zone, therefore training must be focused on improving running efficiency (aerobic work and muscle endurance) and maintaining a steady pace.

Ultimately, speed should also be there, but with around 11 weeks left until the marathon I still have time to work on that. I do include an occasional 10K steady run, or a 1K interval session once a week to maintain the ability to run fast, but in the future I will need to include more of these into my regime. It’s about time now to start training ability to run fast and far.

Towards the end of the week, however, I started to feel that my legs are quite stiff from cycling and running every day and my shoulders are stiff from swimming so much. Usually, cool downs help me with this, but this time due to the workload the body needs a bit more time to adjust and more time should be spent stretching and cooling down (something I’m still struggling with).

I was more focused on adding more hours of training this week than on proper stretching, or warm up before my commute. I’ll need to improve next week and compensate with a longer stretching session.

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