Building speed endurance for a marathon

Running in the woods

This was an awesome week for 2 reasons. First of all, it was the hardest week so far during my training schedule. I did several speed workouts (more than I did in previous weeks) and, as a result, it was a many-record-breaking week.

During my training I almost never have all-out sessions with 100% effort. Only when I work maximum speed workouts, like up to 20 seconds. As a result, I don’t hit records that often – only during competitions which I didn’t take part in much often.

I used to run with iPhone and Nike+ app just to know how far I’ve run and to have a central place for all my miles. I ran sporadically then, as I was focused more on kayaking and different kind of training. Now for a while already I have a Garmin GPS watch that tracks speed, distance, HR and all other indicators (I previously used Polar watch for just HR tracking). It’s connected to Garmin’s portal where all activities and records are stored (very convenient). I’ve also connected it to Endomondo portal where some of my older records are stored when I couldn’t decide between Nike+ and Endomondo.

I didn’t run competitions with my iPhone previously, because it’s not convenient, therefore none of the good times are in the portal, so now when I get faster during my runs my historical times improve.

This week was the one when my historical 10K time and 1K time improved. And those were some of my old and good records (to be honest, on Nike+ I have 1K record that is still to be broken).

Now to practicalities, I had 4 runs in total this week, out of which:

  • 1 speed workout – 4 x 1K intervals
  • 1 long run at race pace
  • 1 build up run to a steady pace
  • 1 easy run

As usual, I’ve mixed it with swimming and cycling to reduce stress on legs and still give the body some aerobic work. And I also added one strength workout in the middle of the week where I simply did exercises with my own body for every muscle group.

This is how my week looked like:

My running week
My running week

I’m finally enjoying a free Sunday where I didn’t go for neither a walk or a swim.

I felt really good towards the end of the week during a build up run and a long steady run. I think the interval work was perfect to improve the speed endurance and was not too taxing for the whole body to still perform well.

I could have spent more time stretching this week, as I feel that my legs are a bit stiff now. I’ll spend more time on it still this weekend, but will definitely pay bigger attention over the next week.

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