Sprint for marathon training
Racing sprint for marathon training

This week was a race week, so I had to change my regular schedule a bit to account for it. This was not a major race, so I didn’t bother to make a taper week specifically for it (the one-two week time when you reduce the workload to allow your muscles to recover and overcompensate […]

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Strength training
Strength training basics

Coming from endurance athlete background I naturally do a lot of running, cycling, swimming, skiing, and other movement. You can already stay fit with doing only that, but if you want to get even better results and faster times, strength training is crucial.

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Running in the woods
Getting faster

This was an awesome week for 2 reasons. First of all, it was the hardest week so far during my training schedule. I did several speed workouts (more than I did in previous weeks) and, as a result, it was a many-record-breaking week.

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Hiking is good for leg strength
Intermediate peaking

This week was great – both training and weather-wise. It was over 20 degrees in the beginning of the week and above 30 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I tried to include as much training as possible to be able to get into peak form before a race in a couple of weeks.

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Fell off a skateboard

It was a lovely evening recently, so I took my skateboard and went out to enjoy the nice weather. The sun was shining, it was warm and nothing suggested it would not go according to the plan. Well, only the video camera in my hand.

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Doing my base training in Russia
Base training for marathon

I didn’t do quite as much running over the previous months as I first though I would. I did only around 100K in April and May each. For comparison, I logged 200+ per month in the previous year when I prepared for the half marathon. But then again, I had less time to prepare then. […]

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