Dealing with injuries during marathon training


It was a lovely evening recently, so I took my skateboard and went out to enjoy the nice weather. The sun was shining, it was warm and nothing suggested it would not go according to the plan.

Well, only the video camera in my hand.

Funnily enough, I didn’t fall while I was filming. The skateboard went sideways and I just kept flying further.

I fell on my side hitting my hip and my elbow which are both now bruised and hurt. I do hope I will be able to run soon, otherwise it just puts my whole big marathon plan into the dumpster.

When I went to bed the same evening I thought I would not be able to run or do anything active for at least a week or two.

Things did not turn out as bad as I’ve expected. While it was hard to pull myself out of bed the morning after, 10 minutes of careful stretching and warm helped the case – I was able to walk (crumbling, but at least moving).

So, logically, I took my bike for my regular commute, instead of settling for a subway. It was a good choice – turned out walking was more painful than riding a bike.

In the end, I did skip workout that Friday to give my body a little rest. I went for a short 4km recovery run on Saturday which was ok. Not perfect, but just ok – it was still painful to run, so I tried to take as light steps as possible. The balance indicator on my Garmin showed that my balance is off to the right for more than 1%, which is probably because my hip flexors there are strained.

Today (Sunday) I felt much better and decided to go for a long run – 1:30 hours. It was good, I almost didn’t feel the pain, yet when I touch my right side and hip flexor, they still hurt. I have a speed workout planned for tomorrow, but let’s see – I think I’ll substitute it for an uphill workout. There’s too much vibration during speed workouts and much less when you run uphill.

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