Fast cars and humidity – F1 Grand Prix in Singapore

Singapore at night

Singapore itself is astonishing and deserves several separate posts to describe and feel it (and I promise I will write it). For now it is about the world-scale event that has recently taken place there – the F1 Grand Prix night race.

F1 Grand Prix event runs for 3 days and welcomes all superstars – Rosberg, Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso, you name it. There are 2 days of practice sessions and qualification and the final, race day. During this time the city is overflowing with tourists and all Singapore is going nuts – on all main roads there are souvenir tents, Formula 1 car displays, concert posters and the list goes on and on.

F1 Grand Prix in Singapore
Fast cars were everywhere in the city center
F1 Grand Prix event location
All F1 Grand Prix action took place in the park right in the city center with all the activities and broadcasting

F1 Grand Prix

This race is one of the legs within Formula 1 annual championship, but what distinguishes it from all others is that everything takes place the evening. Some consider the race to be the toughest one in the season, given the heat and the amount of turns. 2011-2013 winner and the leader of Red Bull Sebastian Vettel even puts it as “when you win here you feel like you deserve the champagne”.

Excitement was flowing over the top while approaching the race area. The sound of the cars could be heard even several blocks away from the track. The whole party takes place in the Marina Bay street circuit. It is that famous district in the center with Singapore’s flagship, Marina Bay Sands hotel, in the background. The 5 kilometer-long race track, all event-related activities and number of stages are scattered among Singapore’s breathtaking skyline.

Marina Bay Sands at dusk
It was the first time I saw Marina Bay Sands hotel and at dusk it was extra special
F1 Grand Prix route
The business district looked no less spectacular. F1 Grand Prix route takes the racers around the Singapore’s skyline

Atmosphere at F1 Grand Prix

Even though the race took place on Sunday and I happened to be in Singapore the day before, I still managed to grasp the atmosphere of the event and see practice and qualification runs.

What I found quite inspiring is the amount of fans who travel around the world for these events. They really only travel to see their favorite teams compete and have a very good time. I agree with them – either you love it or hate it. I doubt that someone can remain ignorant to this. It’s spectacular to see F1 cars so close at night right in front of you in the middle of this beautiful city.

the crowd at F1
The crowd at one of the turns was a mix of photographers and fans of Robbie Williams
Formula 1 car
Cars were so close you could even see the driver if your eyes are fast
formula1 car
I have more than a 100 of these pictures – that’s how excited I was
formula1 mercedes
Niko Rosberg from Mercedes
formula1 redbull
2011-2013 winner Sebastian Vettel from RedBull
formula1 ferrari
Fernando Alonso from Ferrari

The concert at F1 Grand Prix

After the qualification runs ended it was time to experience the after party which Robbie Williams was responsible for that evening. I was quite excited already to see him perform live, but I never imagined that it will double my already amazing experience.

Several minutes prior to the first song the tropical rain began and continued well until the end of the concert. However, Robbie’s energy, brilliant performance and positive spirit was stronger than pouring rain and striking lightning.

It was an incredible evening in an absolutely miraculous place. I’m definitely coming back for more.

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