Exploring Phuket island and Patong by car

View from the hotel

It was the second day of our road trip around Phuket island. The sound of old and loud fishing boats woke us up quite early. However, as soon as we stepped out to the balcony we were glad it did so. Our room was located on the top of the hill with a spectacular view on the bay, so it would have been a crime if we kept sleeping.

View from our hotel window
View from our hotel window

It came as a nice “surprise” for us was that the wifi in the room was ridiculously overpriced, so it did not drag us into the dark side of spending all time online. Instead, we went to enjoy the tropical sun and get some tan before we had to continue our roadtrip.

Kristine enjoying the view
Kristine enjoying the view

While it was still not as hot as during the hike in the jungle on the first day, we decided to do some physical activity in the form of kayaking as well. We ended up going around the bay, waving to local fishermen and stopping at several deserted beaches.

Kayaking in Phuket
Doing a small workout in the morning before hitting the road again

Exploring Phuket island by car

Finally it was time to get back into our small car and hit the road. It was the second day of our road trip. Our “plan” for today was to go along the beach to the main party place and see how everything looks there. (read about our first road trip day in this post)

Rental car in Phuket
This was the car we drove around Phuket island
Driving along the beach
Driving along the beach was awesome

We were in Thailand, so obviously we were looking for some good sightseeing. Funnily enough, the road is filled with different places that had a word “viewpoint” in the title (like “blabla’s viewpoint” and so on).

We made a mistake by going into one of the first of these places and discovering that the place turned out to be a restaurant. So in order not to look stupid we just ordered a meal.

Fried rice for lunch
Traditional fried rice for lunch


Finally, after some time and several real and fake viewpoints we were approaching Patong, a popular town on the West coast of the island with the biggest beach in Phuket.

Approaching Patong
Approaching Patong


As soon as we left the car we were greeted by a dozen of women offering us all sorts of massages and treatments which, as we understood, were keywords for “funny business”. The place was definitely crazier than the one we woke up in today in the morning.

Thai massage
As we walked in Patong we got offered Thai massage on every corner

After fighting our way through a group of lovely ladies we finally had a chance to look around. To be fair, we expected that the main tourist, shopping and nightlife place of the island will be more organized. The real nature and life that we saw while driving through the countryside was much prettier.

Patong is very colorful
Patong is very colorful

Here’s a fun fact: in Patong you can find real estate “counter” in between crepes and souvenir vendors. I’m not sure what kind of real estate you can get there, but it looks like people are interested in whatever is offered.

Crepes and real estate in Patong
In Patong you can get a pancake and while eating you can buy a real estate – easy

Wires. There are wires everywhere you look. As if it is a special design touch here, to bring extra charm to the outstanding architecture. The best thing, of course, is how they are being repaired – by several people with bare hands and no regard to work safety.

Safety hazards in Phuket island
Safety is not the biggest concern in Phuket island and around Thailand in general

Somehow we managed to navigate our way to the beach that was indeed big and beautiful. There is something for everyone – a lot of activities, a lot of people offering you coconuts and stuff and just plain sunbathing.

Finally reached Patong beach
Finally reached Patong beach

Contrasts and craziness

As we already got some beach activities earlier we were more interested in the culture and the atmosphere, so we carried on.

Our walk got us to a place full of bars, clubs and street activities. Along the way you can find food and entertainment and, of course, real estate and travel agents.

Street food in Patong
Street food in Patong
Somewhat healthy street food
Somewhat healthy street food
Every bar tries to stand out in Patong
Every bar tries to stand out in Patong

The good thing is that if you’re lost, you can always refer to marketing and advertisements to get a suggestion on what to do or where to eat. Luckily, in Patong the amount and density of ads is very well organized (or not).

Advertisements are not placed too well in Patong
Advertisements are not placed too well in Patong

After several hours of exploring Patong we continued our journey through the island. The road still was full of weird and funny to our mind encounters, ranging from tourists and locals to vehicles driven.

Tourists in Patong
Patong doesn’t have a dress code
Motorbikes in Patong
As usual, motorbikes carry no less than 3 people
Surfers on a motorbike
Or, you know, two half-naked dudes
Tractors in Phuket
Sometimes you can even meet a tractor on the way
Monster truck in Patong
Or a monster truck. Really, there’s no limit to creativity here


The sun finally started to descent and views along the road became more vivid and colorful. This was a sign for us to hurry up if we wanted to reach our destination on time.

Sunset road in Phuket
We rushed to the Southwestern part of Phuket island to watch the sunset

Finally there it was – the most southwest part of the island. We managed to arrive right on time to view the fantastic sunset over the Indian Ocean.

Phuket sunset
We managed to catch the very last moment when the sun dipped below the horizon
Phuket dusk
The view was spectacular and we glad we took the car to drive around the Phuket island and see this

Amazing views. It was the perfect ending of 2 perfect days in somewhat crazy, but still paradise.


  • Edgar Chavira

    Really loved this post about Thailand. I have cycled around Phuket island 2/3 times. Really awesome beach bars, cafes and yummy food, which I loved a little too much. Excellent place to stay.

    • Andrejs

      Thanks, Edgar! Hats off to you for cycling – driving around in a car was quite hot for me already 🙂


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