Fast muscle recovery
6 steps to fast muscle recovery between workouts

We all have busy agendas. Jobs, housework, meeting friends or that hiking trip to the mountains last weekend. Every activity bites a small share of our “energy pie” and in some cases what is left is not enough to serve as a fast muscle recovery. I truly believe that when done right, there is time […]

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Day trip ideas from Munich
15 day trip ideas from Munich

Munich is strategically located in the middle of Europe – a truly awesome starting point for all who want to explore Central Europe. It’s crazy to think about it, but you can reach up to 10 countries within 5 hours and that’s only overland travel – by train, bus or car. You don’t even need […]

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Luxembourg City
A day in Luxembourg City

When you’re on a tight schedule and would like to squeeze in as much experience as possible, I strongly advise you to travel through Luxembourg City. It doesn’t matter if it’s a flight connection, a train journey or simply involves stopping by this tiny European country when traveling by car. It’s one of the best […]

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Munich Marathon 2016
Munich Marathon 2016 – race report

I am somewhat new to long-distance running. Having professional kayaking as a background I used to have zero time for anything else, really. However, finishing a marathon has long been on my bucket list and, finally, Munich Marathon was my first 42.195km race. I may be slightly biased in my review, but from experience I […]

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