Barcelonetta beach – the best place to watch sunrise in Barcelona

Sunrise in Barcelona

It sometimes pays off to crawl out of bed early and get moving while it’s still dark. I had this idea to find the best place to watch sunrise in Barcelona and went to Barcelonetta beach to witness it.

It was so beautiful that it just blew my mind.

There haven’t been many moments when I was actually watching the sun rise above the horizon. Maybe once, but I don’t really recall any details. However, now I can say with great confidence that it’s truly spectacular to see the calm sea slowly turn orange then red and then violet, as the new day rolls on.

The best place to watch sunrise in Barcelona

As I woke up, I hurried to Barcelonetta beach through narrow streets of the Gothic quarter where I was staying.

The beach just before the sunrise in Barcelona
Barcelonetta beach just before the sunrise in Barcelona

I walked along the seaside taking pictures, but as it got brighter one tiny detail started to emerge.

I was not the only one enjoying the sunrise in Barcelona. Surprise surprise.

In fact, there were many people riding bikes, running, skating and even doing strength and conditioning workouts outside. I’m not really used to such action while it’s still dark, but it was super energizing to see how alive and fit Barcelona is at this early hour.

W hotel Barcelona
Barcelonetta beach seems to be the main place for doing sports at any hour
Just before the sunrise in Barcelona people went for a SUP session
Just before the sun rose I noticed people with SUPs going out to enjoy the best view of the sunrise in Barcelona – from the sea
As they were starting the sun appeared above the horizon
As they were preparing the gear, the sun started to rise above the horizon
Next time I'm in Barcelona I'll definitely take a SUP as well
It was a very calm morning, with almost no wind and it made the atmosphere absolutely magical
It's such a great way to spend the morning
Stand up paddling during sunrise in Barcelona definitely goes into my bucket list now

Finding inner peace

I love how peaceful you feel at this early hour. Somehow when it’s that early, even though you have lots of things to do during the day, everything seems distant from the moment. If you’re outside and actually witness the sunrise, you feel very connected with the nature.

And, of course, there is something about the calm sea and nice colors that bring extra romance.

As the sun has risen the purple color has disappeared
As the sun has risen the purple color has disappeared and the air warmed up. More and more people started to appear on the streets
As I was taking this photo to my right and left there were 2 boot camp session ongoing
In fact, as I was taking this photo to my right there were 2 strength and conditioning sessions going on full speed with 10 people in each
People running at sunrise in Barcelona
Not to mention how many more people were running up and down the Barcelonetta beach after sunrise in Barcelona

I’ve noticed that it doesn’t matter where you are – there is one sure way how to find peace. Even on an ordinary day and even when there are tons of things to do.

Wake up very early and give yourself time to be with yourself and not think of anything else.

It doesn’t matter what are you doing – running or walking. The point is to clear your mind of thoughts, like meditating. It’s amazing how distant you can become from all the rush in the world and remain positive and fresh.

That’s exactly why I enjoy working out in the morning so much.

Maybe that’s how people in Barcelona stay so energetic. Who knows.

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