Managing intensity during marathon training

Hill running in the Olympic park in Munich

My hip is getting much better and I can barely feel the pain after falling off a skateboard. I was a bit afraid it would take too much time to heal, since it was hurting in 3 different places.

In the end, the pain almost diminished after around a week and now exists only when I stretch too much.

I was able to return to my regular regime and have already 3 sessions this week with one long run planned for tomorrow. I was not able to start with the speed work early in the week, but I did make a fast 5K run yesterday which went quite good.

I substituted a planned speed workout for a hill run (approximately 1 min run uphill and back downhill with a total of 2-3 min rest). That was a good choice – I made a good workout out of it, my legs were not too tired and I was able to avoid putting too much pressure on my hip. I also did it in the Olympic park in Munich with some nice weather and nice views.

As for my 5K yesterday, the speed was good – I did it in 20:00, but I did push myself a bit harder than I wished. I planned to run just around my threshold, but in the end I’ve run second half much stronger and at the finish I was quite tired.

Even though I did not plan this and such sessions are quite taxing on the body, sometimes you need to add control points into you regime to see where you are and what you lack.

I see now that I have endurance to run long distances, but I need to work on my speed endurance to be able to run fast and far. Here sessions at around threshold with increasing distance and short speed workouts (around 400m repeats) will help.

Let’s see how the next week goes, still much to work on.

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