Back to childhood at Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

A child needs entertainment more than he needs food or good sleep. And if he gets it with no supervision that becomes the dream. We fulfilled this one by jumping back into childhood shoes and paying a visit to Universal Studios Singapore – a home to Shrek, Madagascar creatures, the Mummy and other famous characters.

As from any popular theme park we expected long queues. Experience already taught us that in order to cover all attractions, you should do it the smart way. Meaning not to wait for a couple of hours for a ride after which it’s not that enjoyable anymore.

Couple of minutes after the park opened we rushed towards attractions equipped with dozens of tips and an exact game plan. This involved no stops whatsoever, even for photos. Of course, with so much excitement we didn’t even notice that there were not many people queuing at the entrance that day.

After several hours we eventually figured out that something is not working and queues are not that long – on average it took us less than 10 minutes of waiting to pass through the line. Turns out that the season in Singapore ended in September, which was not quite logical to us. How can a season end on the equator? It’s literally +30 all year long, even during the monsoon part of the year. In Disneyland in late November there are at least 3-4 times more people and it’s quite cold in Paris at that time of the year.

Anyway, after figuring that out we decided to calm ourselves down and relax. After all, theme parks should be fun and not pressurizing.

We started our adventure through the world of imagination in Ancient Egypt where we were greeted by 6-floor-building high guards of Anubis.

Egyptian theme in Universal studios singapore
Egyptian theme was quite massive in the park. I can only imagine how it looks like in real life
Egyptian guards in Universal Studios Singapore
And quite believable as well, I must say
Egypt in Universal studios singapore
Guards of Anubis close up

After staring at them for a while with open mouths we continued our peaceful walk in the woods of Jurassic Park. Dinosaur couples looked quite real and scary, but the funniest part was to watch how small children are playing at the footsteps of giant reptiles and not caring about anything.

Jurassic Park in Singapore
Jurassic park area was quite real as well
Kids playing in the fountain
Kids seemed not to care and played at the feet of giant animals

We got a bit lost in the dark forest, so we decided to stop by the swamp and ask our pal Shrek for some directions on how to get out.

Shrek's swamp in Singapore
It was awesome to find Shrek’s swamp

We waited for a long time, but the big guy was not there. Or maybe he was too busy bathing in the mud. In any case, we carried on the journey at our own risk.

Shrek's welcome
Shrek’s welcome
Chilling at the Shrek's place
Chilling at the Shrek’s place

Our quest finally brought us to Far Far Away, which we were very happy about. It was also quite nice of the Fairy Godmother ti wish us such nice things.

Far far away kingdom
Welcome to far far away kingdom
Welcome to far far away
The castle seemed to be a bit smaller than I’d expected
Fairy godmother in Singapore
And fairy godmother’s poster seemed too big

The place was not very crowded and most of the bars were empty. It looked like all magical creatures were riding the dragon and having the best time. Of course, before proceeding our walk we had our share of flying as well.

Cookie houses in Singapore
The area around the castle was full of cookie-shaped market stands
Dragon ride in Singapore
And if you dare, you could also ride a dragon

After such long journey it was time to do some “move it, move it” and we went to find King Julian and his gang to have some party. Lion Alex greeted us with a big smile and giraffe Melman even gave Kristine a ride.

Madagascar in Singapore
The Madagascar ride seemed childish at first, but the music set such a good mood that we went for it
Riding the giraffe
Kristine loved Melman

After thanking great hosts for a lovely time we finished our evening in American atmosphere in the equatorial New York City.

70s in Singapore
At first we wandered into what seemed like 70s
Hollywood city in Singapore
We carried on to our age in Hollywood with minions and all
Universal studios
We almost wanted to stop for a coffee at this place

Somehow it felt that Singapore’s park creators saw New York differently that we are used to, or there have been a massive meteor shower the day before.

Decorations in universal studios singapore
We finished the journey with what seemed to be a review of Independence day movie

All in all, it was so great to come back to childhood for a full day and completely forget about the outside world. It’s amazing what imagination can do with you if you give it the opportunity to flow.

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