Hi, my name is Andrejs and I’m pumped you’ve found your way to my blog! Welcome!

I am a self-trained athlete and I love to travel. I seek adventure, challenge and awesome experience in every trip I take and then I share my stories on this blog.

How did I get here?

Long story long, I was born and raised in Latvia – a small but beautiful country in the Northern Europe. Quickly enough it became obvious that I had more energy than I could spare and it started to annoy people around me.

After switching more sports than some try in their lifetime I found my passion in kayaking where I’ve trained and competed for more than 15 years. I went on to become the national champion multiple times, traveled to several European and World championships and the Universiade.

Winning the national championship
Winning the national championship

But I knew something wasn’t right. Despite hard efforts I stopped progressing and that really demotivated me.

I decided to take a break, travel for a while and look at it from a trainer’s perspective – studying theory and speaking with specialists.

As I learned more, I found mistakes I’ve done in my training that prevented me from getting faster and stronger. I started trying out and adjusting for myself different training methods, programs, nutritional plans and workouts.

With other athletes at the World championships
With other athletes at the World championships

It started paying off quickly and made me stronger and faster than I was when trained by others.

Coming from a small country I was always eager to see the world and at that time traveling started to take most of my time. As my life took me around the world I had to let go of a regular kayaking schedule (honestly, I could have trained in horseback riding and find more opportunities to do that while abroad).

Completing a marathon was always on my bucket list, so I thought why not to use all my experience and test it in a new sport? I started running everywhere I traveled to and used my already-existing travel blog to document my progress – you can find it here.

I quickly learned that there are many who struggle just as I did before and are interested in learning how to get better.

Sharing my experience and knowledge really opened my eyes and I started posting more of my training-related experience. I focused more on things I did wrong and how I would improve that. That got a massive positive feedback from friends and other readers.

Running my first marathon
Running my first marathon

I also changed my traveling style over time. I now look for any opportunity to do something active or exciting wherever I travel. I seek other fellow running or fitness enthusiasts around the world to network, learn from them and train together. It’s a great way to travel!

So this is how this blog evolved and a little while later you visited.

And I genuinely appreciate having you here!


What can you expect on this blog

I’ve originally created this blog to push myself to travel more and look for new experiences and stories to tell.

I am still true to that mission and seek new adventures and challenges wherever I go.

Now that you are here, feel free to explore. If you look for inspiration or entertainment – check out my travel blog for fun stories, travel tips or advice on places to visit. If you are interested in the training experience I’ve told you before – go to the Fitness section and explore posts there.

If you have a question or proposal in mind and would like to reach out to me personally, visit the Contact page or write to andres@getlocalblog.com.

Above all, it’s great to have you here!

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